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How to achieve perfect imagery, without the pain.

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How to achieve perfect imagery, without the pain.

By pain, I’m not referring to physical pain (although a headache is possible). I mean stress. Time. Going goggle-eyed and still not finding exactly you want.

This is the experience often associated with trawling stock libraries.

Of course, if you’ve copious amounts of time on your hands and a very high boredom and stress threshold; then fill your boots.

But in my experience, most business owners or digital marketers have significant demands on their time. Running their businesses. Dealing with customers. Designing websites and marketing collateral.

Which is why bespoke commercial photography makes so much sense.

Stock libraries have their place. In blog posts and in some marketing contexts, they may do just the job.

But for a marketing campaign; a website; in a visual material that needs to reflect your brand image and values to absolute perfection; only bespoke photography can deliver and grow your business.

And bespoke photography doesn’t just have the potential to deliver stunning, effective visual results.

It can do so quickly and cost effectively.

Time is money.

As I’ve already mentioned, trawling through stock libraries takes time. A lot of time. You may think what you want is easy to find. E.g. Let’s say you’d like a shot of business people looking at their phones. Sounds simple enough, right? But once you start looking at the images, concerns creep in.

The phones look dated – they aren’t smart phones! You need a diverse demographic of people in the picture! They don’t look like they are based in the UK! The background is too corporate or too casual! The dress doesn’t look up to date! They clearly look like models not every day people!

On and on you go, trawling away. Opening, discarding, opening discarding. Until before you know it, hours have passed. You’ve neglected the work you should be doing. And you’ve settled for a less-than-ideal image out of sheer exhaustion.

If you’re paying your web or graphic designer to do the hours of searching; okay, you’ve saved yourself the headache. But they’ll be charging you for the privilege. And there are far more effective ways for you to spend your money.

For the time or money you have spent on image library search you could have had your own professional photoshoot well underway. Following a call, a brief and agreement on budget; a commercial photographer will take care of the rest; leaving you to take care of your business.

You want your business to stand out, not blend in.

Bespoke photography is just that, bespoke. Yours and no one else’s; reflecting your brand, your values and your image. Obviously, there’s a massive selection of stock images available. But the picture you select may be used by multiple businesses. It was not shot with your business’s proposition and unique selling points in mind. And they can date very fast.

Often when searching through image libraries you’ll come across many that you’ll think ‘that would be perfect, if only’ and you’ll either continue searching or end up spending money adapting the image through editing and photoshop work with a graphic designer.

Order your own photoshoot, and you’ll get what you want straight away! If your brief is ‘we want our business to look contemporary, edgy, fast moving, innovative and subtly get across our corporate colour’; your photographer will be able to advise on the subject, photography style and finish that will achieve this visual effect.

Using skilled editing techniques, saturating colours, lighting and backgrounds, a photographer can create a unique brand and look for your business that will engage and appeal to your target audience. It will be memorable and powerful and become distinctly yours.

Exactly what is needed for marketing materials and websites to stand out in the market and drive sales.

Want to keep up with the trends? Blend stunning photography with effective graphic design.

If you want – or need – to show your business as innovative and on trend, bespoke photography is more integral than ever to achieving this.

According to this graphic design trends for 2018 article is going to play a big role in design this year.

Creative and artistic photography, blended with graphic design and typography, may be the perfect solution to connecting with your target market. It can bring out emotion. Humour. A sense of mystique, excitement and appeal around a product or service.

If you’re investing in imagery, then you want that investment to deliver returns in responses and reactions. In other words, have impact. Your budget will be well spent paying a photographer to use their expertise and technical skills to ensure you sport the latest look and feel for your particular sector.

To achieve all this?

All you have to do is place the call. Give the brief.

Then sit back and enjoy your perfect portfolio of photographs – achieved without the pain.   07767 776839







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