Professional Photography verses Stock Images for your Website

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Should you use Professional Photographer or Stock Images for your Website ?

When building a website it is vital to get the photography right.   The images immediately send out a powerful visual impact that getting it right, gives your website a great first impression. Here are five reasons why I think hiring a professional photographer always outweighs buying stock images for your website. 

  1. Original photography versus the same old stock image used again and again

Stock images are used again and again therefore the images are not original at all.   The same photos are seen on many different websites.  This then means that they don't produce the WOW factor that original photographs by a professional photographer would. With personal and original photography you can come up with something unique that no one else has thought of before.  




















The company director of this company had a really strong idea of what he wanted; one of the words in the title of his company was a colour so he wanted this incorporated into the images.  Hence the idea of black and white with a hint of the colour to pull together a very powerful and unique looks.  This makes the images both very personal and creative.


  1. Your own personal image and vision for your website

If you use stock photography then you are using someone else vision.  Having your own personality stamped onto your own website is very powerful as with the example above.  As the saying goes "A picture is worth a 1,000 words".













This company wanted their name in the shot so you could see their branding, this is impossible with stock photography as no branding is in any of their images.

  1. Costs, stock images verses a professional photographer

I have checked out the costs and I think they are comparable.  I charge by the hour so am really flexible with my costs you can spend as little or as much as you like depending on how many looks and images you require.  There are also many indirect costs associated with stock photographs that go beyond the licensing fee, where the costs change depending on how big you want the image.  There is also the time spent looking for an image that you think fits with your website.   My prices include a CD with all the images at a very large file size so you can use the images small for your website or large for banners or posters.











This company used this image for just that purpose; it was printed large for a banner as well as appearing on their website.

  1. Making photographs perfect for you

Before working on you website hopefully you have done some market research to find out what goals and messages you want to send out.














Here is an example taken of a choir this was taken while on stage to create the look they wanted for their website which was full of energy and movement.  


  1.  On the About Us page on your website what does your image say about you?

Are the images professional?  Whoever is represented in the photograph do they appear approachable and open would you do work with them?  Again first impressions are so important.















I think this photograph on the left says a lot about this managing director at  It shows an approachable and friendly person with a really professional approach.  An excellent example of how a corporate photograph should look. All photographs (c) Amanda Duncan.

If you would like to find out more on my services for website photography please contact me on 07767 776839 or email me


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