What Does Your Corporate Photograph Say About You?

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It is SO important to have a pre-shoot consultation with your photographer when thinking about having a professional portrait taken.  Have a real good think about what aspects of your personality you want to convey in your photograph.  This is not as easy as it seems.

Some points to think about :

  • Do you want the shoot in a studio set up or out on location.  Professional lighting in a studio has a more classic look.  The location however might depend on your career.  For example a Personal Trainer may want the shoot outside where this can convey a health and fitness look and some movement can be incorporated in the portrait.  A Banker on the other hand will want a more conservative look with classic lighting.
  • What to wear-very important to wear something you are comfortable in, this may sound obvious but clothes need to be ironed and smart whether a casual or smart look.  Colour is quite important, sometimes white or black can make you look washed out.  A nice blue shirt that matches your eyes looks good and this will enhance your portrait.
  • Make up-I always believe you should try and look as natural as possible so a normal covering of make up is good nothing too heavy.  It may be advisable to book a make up artist if you want a really professional look.
  • Hair-Same as make up advice really, don't try and have a new hair cut just before having your portrait because you may not like it, stick to your natural look but must look neat and tidy.
  • Body Language-I think this is one of the most important points of taking a portrait.  Open body language is key, not crossed arms, a smile makes you look more approachable.  This is down to the skill of your photographer to make you feel relaxed and to bring out the best in you.
  • Props- do you want props in your shoot to inform clients more of what you do or who you are?  For example for a photographer should a camera be included in your photograph?
  • Black & White or Colour- Again these can both say different things about you, colour maybe is more welcoming, black and white classic business look.

Some examples of good portraits :

This portrait was shot in a studio, this client plays guitar in a band and we felt it was very important to include his guitar in his portrait.  I think the portrait looks creative and fun and approachable and represents a part of his personality that is very important to him.

I really like this portrait, this company director wanted a look that was smart and professional yet also approachable and I think we achieved this.  Black and white adds a cool look and his open body language invites you into the portrait.

The famous author Jacqueline Wilson in action.  This is a good example of a portrait shot on location, it speaks volumes about her personality.  Her large rings, her book, again her body language leaning forward and engaged in conversation.

A Corporate photography session with me would include a conversation about what you would like from your portrait.  Then the shoot will take 1-2 hours I usually come to you, then you will receive a contact sheet of 30-40 images or view them online, you then choose your favourites.

Contact me to arrange your free photo consultation email  amanda.duncan2@btinternet.com or phone 07767 776839.

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